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Happy #trustingGODTuesday

Two weeks ago, I was in Carlsbad, CA, riding around trying to decide what I was having for dinner. And I kept hearing my guides telling me to stop at King’s Fish House. So, I obliged. There was a 30-minute wait, and the servers suggested that a tabletop in the bar was a viable option. While being escorted to the bar area, the waitress pointed out a spot available at the end of the bar. After joking about not drinking alcohol, I agreed. Cause I do NOT drink ABs. I sat next to this very friendly couple. And they were intrigued. I shared with them that my son and I were moving to the area because he was interested in the Carlsbad High School’s football program. I started sharing fun facts that Kaylen had shared with me about the team. The guy kept saying repetitively, IMPRESSIVE. GUESS WHAT! He’s one of the football coaches. He started sharing videos with me of the team.

I’m often asked how do you know to listen? It’s simple when you develop a relationship with that internal voice or voices, your spiritual GUIDES; trust comes naturally. It starts small. Something like helping you find a lost item to a warning of danger. The voices get louder as the relationship grows.

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