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I believe the saying that, “Every word is a prayer.” Our words, thoughts, and actions are the first step to manifesting our dreams and desires. Four years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a young lady on creating a faith plan for conceiving a child. When she called me, she was in the middle of having her third miscarriage. We talked for hours. I gave a step by step plan to follow. The first thing she had to come to grips with was her current state. Naturally, she cried. Tears are a sign of releasing.

Faith Plan

I advised her on some vitamin supplements that she need to take. Also, she needed to give her body some rest for six weeks before trying to conceive again. The next pregnancy was going to be a success. Six weeks later, she contacted me. Each stage of the way, I served as her support system. After eight weeks, she was pregnant. The first phase of the manifestation process is Changing your thoughts and words. Change your ifs to I am or I will. Instead of her saying, IF I have this baby, she replaced her words with, I will have this baby. Change your negative thoughts to positive ones while recognizing the negative thoughts are fears. The second stage is visualized yourself with that you wish to manifest. See yourself as your dream. I had her visualize herself holding her baby. The third and final stage is Celebrate the milestones with gratitude. When she heard the baby’s heartbeat, she celebrated doing a happy dance and just being HAPPY!

painting by Sterling Brown, Spiritual Nap

It’s been three years. Her daughter is healthy and happy. The secret sauce to manifesting is having mustard seed faith with the main ingredient being BELIEVE.

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